Week 3: Cyberpunk

Artwork by Devian Tart neuromancer__brazilian_edition_cover__by_f1x_2-daf7qtk.jpg

Cyberpunk is a genre of sci-fi which focuses on a society dominated by technology. Humans are usually oppressed by a hierarchy and rise up against the new world order. Over the years there have been many creative works released in this sci-fi genre including those previously stated of Neuromancer and Ready Player One.

In the lecture this week we watched shorts from The Matrix and Bladerunner to better understand the cyberpunk world and how they consist of the same principles as each other.
According to Mike Featherstone (2000, p.2) cyberpunk refers to the body of fiction built around the work of William Gibson’s Neuromancer novel. Cyberpunk sketches out the dark side of the technological future developments and power struggles between man and machine.
The terms cyberspace, cyborg and cyberpunk are key words drawn from the term cybernetics which will be discussed in the next post.


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